Custom Finishing Expertise and Consultations

Most of the furniture sold at Sweet's is finished already. But, when you need something in a certain color, for instance, you are trying to compliment furniture in your home, we've got you covered. Our finishing department is on site. We currently employ three full time finishers with a combined experience of 36 years at Sweet's in the Nude. All of our finishing is done by hand, using either oil or water based products. We solely finish furniture sold here at Sweet's Wood Furniture so we have a clean consistent finish (no surprises!).

We have a stain center that shows all of our finishes on either Oak, Alder, Pine or Parawood. We also can create custom stains and offer samples for your approval. If you are trying to compliment a piece at home it is best to bring in a sample, like a drawer or table leaf. We can then best judge which wood would compliment your furniture.

Our customers love our hand finish. It is smooth, durable and will last a lifetime!

We sell all of the finishing supplies for you to finish your own piece as well and are happy to let you know how to do it. Just remember, patience is a virtue!

Custom Wood Finishes and Stains

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